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Campaign Updates

2022 and beyond

Now that CM2 is firmly established we are limiting our updates but welcome providing updates to those who would like to reach out.



Dec 2021: CM2 Partners with the Bionics Institute

Nov 2021: CM2 partners with Life Education NSW for 12 months plus

Nov 2021: CM2 presents at B4SI national conference

Oct 2021: CM2 works with Batyr on Shut Up Boss thanks to VivCourt

Oct 2021: VivCourt matches a portion of Credit Suisse & their staff donations to Wayside Chappel

Oct 2021: CM2 supports RMHCGWS on their Give A Night Appeal

Oct 2021: CM2.0 partners with Ronald McDonald House Charities Greater Western Sydney for a year

Sept 2021: Gaudry Foundation joins CM2 as a matcher in support of Stepping Stone House

Sept 2021: The Chappell Foundation joins CM2 as a matcher in support of Stepping Stone House

Aug 2021: VivCourt matches Stewart Investors for Social Ventures Australia

Aug 2021: VivCourt matches a leading foundation in support of Life Education NSW

Aug 2021: VivCourt matches Chrissie Swan of Nova Entertainment for the Fred Hollows Foundation

Aug 2021: CM2 Advisory Board announced

July 2021: CM2 partners with Stepping Stone House for up to 3 years for Youth Homelessness

1st June 2021: VivCourt matches alongside Accenture at TFN in support of LiteHause, RuffTRACK & Scarf

5th May 2021: UBS becomes a matcher on the CM2.0 project

10th April 2021: Victoria University & Wyndham City Council are matched by VivCourt in support of Tradeswomen Australia

23rd March 2021: A leading Australian foundation, the John & Myriam Wylie Foundation, join CM2 as a "matcher"

1st March 2021: CM2.0 welcomes the Maitri Foundation in support of Batyr. Matching by VivCourt

26th February 2021: Hallmark joins the CM2.0 initiative in support of Make-A-Wish with matching via VivCourt

12th February 2021: VivCourt matches donations to Backtrack from a leading Australian corporation

4th January 2021: Interactive Accounting joins the project in support of Ronald McDonald House GWS

12th January 2021: $175,000 match of 5Point Foundation for The Funding Network Australia

15th January 2021: Wayside Chapel is supported with a $50,000 match for Donate-a-Plate


18th November 2020: Thanks to VivCourt, CM2.0 match donations for Autism Spectrum Australia at a live crowdfunding event

14th November 2020: CM2.0 & VivCourt work with Credit Suissie & their staff for the Long Walk Home for Wayside Chapel

6th November 2020: Parramatta Leagues Club joins VivCourt as a matcher on the CM2.0 initiative for Ronald McDonald House GWS

4th November 2020: CM2.0 & VivCourt support Cure Blindness Australia

3rd November 2020: CM2.0 works with Brad Seymour of the Sydney Swans Foundation for Autism Spectrum Australia

29th October 2020: CM2.0 & VivCourt match an additional $50,000 to support the Long Walk Home

20th October 2020: Cm2.0 & VivCourt match $50,000 to support the Wayside Chapel's Long Walk Home

13th October 2020: Accenture, Origin Energy Foundation, Clayton Utz, ThinkTank & Datacolada join VivCourt as matchers on the CM2.0 project

8th October 2020: CM2.0 & VivCourt work with The Fred Hollows Foundation to match companies on World Sight Day

15th September 2020: CM2.0 works with UBS to support SecondBite

9th September 2020: Dell Technologies ANZ partners with CM2.0 in support of Cancer Council 

10th August 2020: CM2.0 works with UBS to support Skyline

3rd August 2020: CM2.0 works with UBS to support Story Factory

27th July 2020: UBS, the leading investment bank in Australasia, partners on the CM2.0 initiative

3rd July 2020: APP corporation joins the CM2.0 initiative in support of batyr

30th June 2020: The Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation motivated by CM2.0 match to initiate FIRST EVER employee match

29th June 2020:  Credit Suisse joins the Corporate Match 2.0 initiative

23rd June 2020: $100,000 matching from VivCourt to support Wayside Chapel's Winter Appeal for people experiencing homelessness 

19th June 2020: CM2.0 match $100,000 from Lionize & Hunter Lab to support Beyond Blue and triple donations from the public 

17th June 2020: The Fred Hollows Foundation, a partner of CM2.0 run a corporate spotlight article on CM2.0 & VivCourt

15th June 2020: TAL, Australia's leading life insurer, joins the CM2.0 project, supporting Orygen.

12th June 2020: CM2.0 partners with the Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation to support the Cancer Council ACT 

20th May 2020: CM2.0 $40k to match all donations to Cancer Council NSW for their emergency COVID-19 appeal thanks to

11th May 2020: CM2.0 $100k match allocated to sponsors of Refugee Week on SBS online for The Refugee Council of Australia thanks to

7th May 2020:  CM2.0 $100k match allocated for Social Ventures Australia thanks to

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