WHO is Corporate Match 2.0 (“CM2.0”)

For-profit-for-purpose, Australian-based company formed May 2020.

Our Mission

To ADD VALUE to the not-for-profit (“NFP”) sector.

NFPs compete for the same pie. Our goal is to grow and advance the pie.


Many initiatives will be launched that drive new money, cost savings, efficiencies, free promotion, leverage, and more.

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Project 1 : Impact Match   

The first project is a world first initiative aimed at increasing donations and improving efficiencies in the NFP space by amplifying the good work of others ​


CM2.0 puts a new spin on the tried-and-tested model of corporations matching their staff donations. CM2.0 MATCH donations that ADD VALUE to the sector made by “donors” (corporations, their staff, the public, foundations, philanthropists, Government), dollar-for-dollar, to the not-for-profit of their choice, thanks to funds allocated by the CM2.0 philanthropic match supporters.


The focus is on utilizing leverage and a collective form of philanthropy combined with a range of CM2 services to drive positive change.

The project has also been structured with the intention of delivering benefits beyond the social good, for all parties involved, including promotion, staff motivation & business related positive outcomes.

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WHY Impact Match?

Matching is one of the most effective tools in the NFP space in motivating extra giving. More give and they give more.

However, if budgets are fixed, matching will divert donations from one NFP to another NFP and not increase the social pie.​​ Also, due to urgent funding needs, lack of resources & intense competition, match funding is often not leveraged as efficiently as it can be to drive long-term sustainability.


CM2’s venture “Impact Match” acts as an intermediary seeking to connect matchers, donors and NFPs in the most efficient way possible to drive positive impact for each NFP with a unique focus on added value to the entire sector (new money, savings, efficiency, promotion, leverage and more)

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How is CM2.0 incremental matching different to standard matching?

WHAT will be matched?

Initiatives that add value will be matched. This can be across all types of donations including grants, employee giving, hours, resources, fundraising & many options that are doing more for the social sector. The following are hypothetical examples to illustrate some matching dynamics:

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WHO is involved?

Our goal is “a little by a lot”

This will be a united effort driven by 1,000’s of NFPs, corporates, employees, foundations, public, media, ambassadors, advisors, academics & Governments.

We hope to harness the power of collective & leveraged giving.

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Founding Match Supporter

This project was made possible due to the support of Vivienne Court Trading & it’s founder Rob Keldoulis


Project management

CM2.0 organises and coordinates all aspects

of this initiative.


The company is led by Steven Hirst, Director and Founder

of CM2.0.


Vivienne Court Trading and philanthropist Rob Keldoulis, are the founding

Match supporters.


They are being joined by leading philanthropists, foundations & corporates globally who want to see their impact & donations amplified.


See more here:



The project is in the trial phase from 2020 - 2023 with leading corporations, foundations,


and Government.


Several 100 partners are anticipated during this phase.

Other partners

CM2.0 hopes to support 100’s to 1,000’s of worthy causes globally in the NFP sector & to partner with media, agencies, ambassadors & NFP experts in technology, research, impact, strategy, and more.

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Are results being delivered?

Please get in touch to discuss our numerous case studies showing incremental funding and savings & efficiencies for our NFP partners.

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