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A unique social enterprise focused on sector growth

CM2 is a social enterprise formed in Sydney, July 2020. It is a strategic, consultancy, creative, digital & services business formed  to grow the capacity and lighten the load for not-for-profits (“NFP”) & to amplify the impact of donors (companies & staff / philanthropists / Foundations / PAFs / public / Government).


Our goal is to grow and advance the social pie via industry first initiatives that deliver new sector money, cost-savings, efficiencies, promotion, leverage & more for our NFP & donor partners.

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About Us

Project 1: Impact Match

A World-First initiative that amplifies giving via the leverage of matching donations

Matched giving is one of the most effective tools in fundraising but faces challenges around NFP cannibalization, efficiencies and scale. CM2 delivers a proprietary, best-in-class, matching strategy and program targeted at all categories of donors combined with a large range of services to ensure maximum new funding, savings & efficiencies for our NFP partners. ​ Thanks to CM2's philanthropic match supporters, we bring our own source of incremental funds to our NFP and donor partnerships. ​

Project 1

​Our Generous Partners & Supporters

Rob Keldoulis  & Vivienne Court Trading ( assisted with concept development and strategic direction & are our founding match $ supporters. Rob is the former CEO of Optiver Australia & Founder of Vivienne Court Trading. VivCourt has a revolutionary business model. Owned by a charitable entity, instead of share-holders it was set up to make money, to make a difference with their profits donated to the NFP sector. The focus is on rewarding their staff with generous social bonuses to pass on to the NFPs of their choice.


175 leading Corporates, Foundations, PAFs, Philanthropists and NFPs have since joined the initiative in addition to 10,000s of public and staff being matched in Australia. The model is applicable to most NFPs in most countries.


The goal is a little by a lot (& a lot by a few!) & ultimately 1,000s of partners in the NFP & related ecosystems.

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Performance-based, guaranteed model

The background of the CM2 directors is 20 years in performance based media for over 1,000 of the World’s leading brands & we bring that focus & discipline to the NFP sector ensuring our partners advance their organisations when in partnership with CM2. Please get in contact to discuss relevant case studies for your objectives.

CM2 includes a range of services for it’s NFP and donor partners with value extending well beyond matching activity

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Network Exposure

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Match $s & these services provide the LEVERAGE to advance their causes & their essential impact.

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Are results being delivered?​​

Please get in touch to discuss our numerous case studies showing incremental funding and savings & efficiencies for our NFP partners.

Thank you for your message, we will get back to you shortly.

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