WHAT is the Corporate Match 2.0 (“CM2.0”) project?

Corporate Match 2.0 is a world first initiative aimed at increasing donations in the not-for-profit space by amplifying the good work of others in the sector.


CM2.0 MATCH POSITIVE initiatives and INCREASES in giving by corporations, their staff, the public, philanthropists, foundations and Government, dollar-for-dollar, to the not-for-profit of their choice, thanks to the CM2.0 philanthropic match supporters.

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WHY is Corporate Match 2.0 being initiated?

The objective is to INCREASE donations to the NFP sector, thus reducing the strain on worthy causes competing for a bigger share of the same pie. 

The project has also been structured with the intention of delivering benefits beyond the social good, for all parties involved, including promotion, staff motivation & business related positive outcomes.

WHY matching?

Matching is one of the most effective tools in the NFP space in motivating extra giving. More give and they give more.

However, critics of matching will argue that on occasion, matching merely diverts donations from one NFP to another NFP, or that it speeds up the giving process but does not increase the social pie.

By matching INCREASES in giving & POSITIVE initiatives, this initiative addresses this element & ensures a growth in donations. This makes the project a first of its kind.

WHAT will be matched?

Increases and positive initiatives will be matched. This can be across all types of donations including grants, employee giving, hours, resource, fundraising & many options that are doing more for the social sector. The following are hypothetical examples to illustrate some matching dynamics:

WHO is involved?

Project management

Corporate Match 2.0 organises and coordinates all aspects of this initiative. The company is led by Steven Hirst, Director and Founder of CM2.0.


Matching side

Vivienne Court Trading (“VivCourt”) and philanthropist Rob Keldoulis, are the founding match supporters.

They will be joined by leading philanthropists & corporates globally

who want to see their impact & donations amplified.

See more here: http://www.vivcourt.com.au/about-vivcourt/man-on-a-mission/


The project is in the trial phase from 2020 - 2023 with leading corporations, foundations, philanthropists, and Government

Other partners

CM2.0 hopes to support 100’s to 1,000’s of worthy causes globally in the NFP sector & to partner with media, agencies, ambassadors & NFP experts in technology, research, impact, strategy, and more.

CM2.0 project updates

7th May 2020:  CM2.0 $100k match allocated for Social Ventures Australia thanks to vivcourt.com

11th May 2020: CM2.0 $100k match allocated to sponsors of Refugee Week on SBS online for The Refugee Council of Australia thanks to vivcourt.com

20th May 2020: CM2.0 $40k to match all donations to Cancer Council NSW for their emergency COVID-19 appeal thanks to vivcourt.com

27th May 2020: Matching donations to Wayside Chapel at The Funding Network virtual crowd-funding appeal thanks to vivcourt.com

12th June 2020: CM2.0 partners with the Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation to support the Cancer Council ACT 

15th June 2020: TAL, Australia's leading life insurer, joins the CM2.0 project, supporting Orygen.

17th June 2020: The Fred Hollows Foundation, a partner of CM2.0 run a corporate spotlight article on CM2.0 & VivCourt

19th June 2020: CM2.0 match $100,000 from Lionize & Hunter Lab to support Beyond Blue and triple donations from the public 

23rd June 2020: $100,000 matching from VivCourt to support Wayside Chapel's Winter Appeal for people experiencing homelessness 

29th June 2020:  Credit Suisse joins the Corporate Match 2.0 initiative

30th June 2020: The Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation motivated by CM2.0 match to initiate FIRST EVER employee match

3rd July 2020: APP corporation joins the CM2.0 initiative in support of batyr

27th July 2020: UBS, the leading investment bank in Australasia, partners on the CM2.0 initiative

3rd August 2020: CM2.0 works with UBS to support Story Factory

10th August 2020: CM2.0 works with UBS to support Skyline

9th September 2020: Dell Technologies ANZ partners with CM2.0 in support of Cancer Council 

15th September 2020: CM2.0 works with UBS to support SecondBite

8th October 2020: CM2.0 & VivCourt work with The Fred Hollows Foundation to match companies on World Sight Day

13th October 2020: Accenture, Origin Energy Foundation, Clayton Utz, ThinkTank & Datacolada join VivCourt as matchers on the CM2.0 project

20th October 2020: Cm2.0 & VivCourt match $50,000 to support the Wayside Chapel's Long Walk Home

29th October 2020: CM2.0 & VivCourt match an additional $50,000 to support the Long Walk Home

3rd November 2020: CM2.0 works with Brad Seymour of the Sydney Swans Foundation for Autism Spectrum Australia

4th November 2020: CM2.0 & VivCourt support Cure Blindness Australia

6th November 2020: Parramatta Leagues Club joins VivCourt as a matcher on the CM2.0 initiative for Ronald McDonald House GWS

14th November 2020: CM2.0 & VivCourt work with Credit Suisse & their staff for the Long Walk Home for Wayside Chapel

18th November 2020: Thanks to VivCourt, CM2.0 match donations for Autism Spectrum Australia at a live crowdfunding event

4th January 2021: Interactive Accounting joins the project in support of Ronald McDonald House GWS

12th January 2021: $175,000 match of 5Point Foundation for The Funding Network Australia

15th January 2021: Wayside Chapel is supported with a $50,000 match for Donate-a-Plate

12th February 2021: VivCourt matches donations to Backtrack from a leading Australian corporation

26th February 2021: Hallmark joins the CM2.0 initiative in support of Make-A-Wish with matching via VivCourt

1st March 2021: CM2.0 welcomes the Maitri Foundation in support of Batyr. Matching by VivCourt

23rd March 2021: A leading Australian foundation, the John & Myriam Wylie Foundation, join CM2 as a "matcher"

10th April 2021: Victoria University & Wyndham City Council are matched by VivCourt in support of Tradeswomen Australia

5th May 2021: UBS becomes a matcher on the CM2.0 project

1st June 2021: VivCourt matches alongside Accenture at TFN in support of LiteHause, RuffTRACK & Scarf

Other: There are many other initiatives being planned and run and updates are to come. 

Broader project scope

Corporate Match 2.0 is the first of several social initiatives that will be launched over the coming years all with a core focus on driving growth in the social sector.

Further information

For more detail on the project, parties involved, and FAQ, please reach out.  We would love to chat to philanthropists, corporates, foundations, and governments looking to boost their impact and to jointly increase the social pie.


Please contact:


Steven Hirst

Director & Founder

Email:  steven@lavacoms.com

Mobile:  0419747860 

Corporate Match 2.0 Pty Ltd

3 Clarke Street

Vaucluse, NSW 2030

ABN:  69 640 230 539