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Impact Media

100% of advertising REVENUE (i.e every cent) paid to CM2 by for-profit companies for advertising services will be provided to the NFP sector by CM2 as funding to match other donors: 

$1 of Advertiser Spend 

$2 to NFPs


An effort to deliver new funding to the NFP sector from the biggest budgets


A. The CM2 model is supported by philanthropic individuals and organisations

B. This is 100% revenue from one division of CM2. Other divisions also earn revenue

What initial service? 


Digital media

Video Creative & Production


(Vip Event attendance)


Working Together on Project
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Staff Engagement

Social Promotion

Image by Katrina Wright

Social Impact Goodwill and Branding

Leveraging 19 Years of Digital Media Mastery 

The founders and staff of CM2 previously ran an online digital media agency & delivered media across YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google & more for over 1,000 leading brands over 19 years.


Various online advertising services and creative, strategy and production services have been included in the mix at CM2 to add value to our clients for our NFP activity and to continue to assist our previous clients.


Beyond our standard services, we are excited to be launching several new initiatives in this space in the future that will drive new funding for the NFP sector.

A small sample of clients at our previous agency

A sample of our creative and video production work can be found here

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