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Fists in Solidarity

Amplify Colective

CM2’s Amplify Collective is a group of like-minded inspiring philanthropists and business leaders using their skills, experience and resources to make the world a better place.


The generous partners are providing either donations to the collective of NFPs or free to heavily discounted services, including some fully subsidized by CM2 for the NFPs to choose from.

Ultimately this will become a smorgasbord of optional services that the CM2 NFPs can enjoy, when needed, across all facets of their businesses


We welcome all partners to our 10 – 20 annual NFP, 2 hour luncheon events to meet the NFPs, bring guests and network with others & to see and be a part of the collective support of the NFPs.

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Amplify Collective Partners

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“The CM2 events are an amazing opportunity to learn about the NFPs

and meet with peers. Thoroughly enjoyable & impactful experiences” 

Geraldine Campbell, CEO, Waratah Education Foundation

“CARE Australia leveraged the convening power of Gail Kelly in her role as our Ambassador for Women’s Empowerment, and worked with Corporate Match to attract a truly amazing network of philanthropists, companies and foundations to hear about our work over lunch.” Kate Eddy, Head of philanthropy & corporate partnerships, CARE Australia


Previous Hosts



The events to date have been attended by dozens of leading individual philanthropists, organisations and executives from the following organisations and many more. There will likely be over 1,000 attendees annually

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